Henrietta K. Mund
Henrietta K. Mund
  • June 28, 1918 - December 4, 2017
  • Muskegon, Michigan

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Henrietta Kathryn Martens Mund was born ninety-nine years ago to the late Charles and Marie Martens. She spent her childhood in Montague and often recounted the adventures she had with her sisters and the neighbors, the Doll kids. She was a bit of a tomboy and was known to ruin many dresses and shoes playing in the woods and creek nearby. This resulted in industrial strength shoes for her, for which, she never stopped lamenting about.

She later met and married Eugene William Mund. Together they had five children and spent sixty-eight years together.

At the age of eighty-four she became an avid camper. She relished her time by the campfire watching a cracking, sparkling, roaring fire.

In earlier years she enjoyed sewing and knitting. Many a grandchild reaped the benefit of her handiwork, receiving a new dress, coat or sweater. These articles were passed down from one child to the next and it has been reported that some are still in circulation.

Shopping was her passion, that was how she spent her Saturdays. To find the best bargain gave bragging rights until the next shopping trip.

She liked playing cribbage and really liked to win. Aware that her gloating was annoying, she tried to control the urge to do so.

Company was always welcome, you could come by anytime. She always had cookies and a pot of coffee ready to brew. She loved to visit and was available with her home remedies, sound advise or just an ear to listen.

She was little in stature but she was mighty. This spirit prevailed through tumultuous times; the death of her child, the devastating loss of every possession after a house fire and the eventual losses of her beloved sisters, family members and many close friends.

She leaves behind five generations of descendants to cherish the memories made with this wonderful lady. Wether you called her Mom, Lil' Gram or Hank, know that you were in her heart and she loved each of you. Her final wish was for her family to get along and just love one another.